Custom Design . Maximum Power . Comfortable Ride

Custom Design



Customized lifepo4 battery size, shape, charge-discharge current, terminals, and other additional functions (such as RS485 communication, LCD screen) to perfectly fit the specific application.

Maximum Power



Offering maximum energy in limited size. Consider from actual application requirements, scientifically design individual battery voltage, capacity to provide optimum battery performance.

Effective Solution



Expert engineering team understanding your ideas and quickly providing you lifepo4 battery solutions, it is the best choice to quickly find the right battery for your specific application.


Poliniovel offers an extensive range of battery sizes and configurations that support various applications. For those applications that require a unique size, specification, function, our expert engineers can help design, develop, test and manufacture custom battery solutions for the specific needs of almost any application. Contact us today for more information.


  • RV

    Motorhome, Camper Van, Caravan, Trailer

  • Marine

    Yacht, Catamaran, Fishing Boat, Sail Boat, Bass Boat, Kayak

  • Off Road Vehicle

    Golf Cart, Forklift, Tractor, AGV, ATV, UTV, Rickshaw, Ice Resurfacer

  • Others

    Solar Energy Storage System, UPS, Mower, Sweeper, Electric Wheelbarrow


Polinovel lithium batteries are used in a broad range of applications, here show several common battery applications for reference.

All Product

Lithium ion battery have been deployed in varied places. From a small electronics battery to large energy storage and power driving batteries used in solar system, golf cart, agv, sail boat, forklift, robot, medical equipment, electric mobility, power back up, ups and other application, lithium ion lifepo4 batteries have found a lot of takers.


Polinovel lithium iron phosphate batteries are available in all shapes and sizes. And that renders them to be the perfect option for power needs irrespective of the size of the application devices. Along with that, Polinovel li ion batteries offer effective battery solutions across the spectrum from energy storage to power driving.


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