Energy Storage System With WiFi / GPRS


We are so excited to share that Polinovel accomplished the WiFi and GPRS remote monitoring function on the energy storage system (ESS)! Our engineers have excellently completed the structural integration of lithium battery and solar charging inverter, communication compatibility, and WiFi acquisition module management. Through the free download APP, entering the WiFi serial number, and system information, you can monitor the PV system via mobile phone or website anytime, anywhere. This will provide you with more convenience to grasp the working status of the system. Even if you are out of home or far away from the system, you can still know whether the system is generating electricity normally, whether there is any load working, are loads powered by solar energy, battery, or utility power. Besides, the monitoring system provides charts to more intuitively show you the daily generating power, monthly generating power, and total generating power.


4 Reasons To Choose Polinovel ESS


Proven Safety

The ESS (energy storage system) utilizes the most safety and stable chemistry of LiFePO4 lithium iron phosphate battery, the safety of which has been proven in the energy storage application market for years.


Reliable Performance

Polinovel energy storage system internal individual cells are connected to high strength PCB and the whole battery module is screw-fastening assembled that offers increased durability, reliability, and industry-leading longevity.


Easy Installation

To simplify installation and wiring, the input and output ports of the energy storage system use plug-in terminals, which are easy and convenient to be installed and used by ordinary users. The universal wheels designed at the bottom of the case are also easy to move.


Diverse Option

Polinovel has 5KWH, 10KWH, 15KWH, 20KWH four models for options to optimally meet various home power consumption needs.


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