12V 600Ah LiFePO4 Battery For Sailing Boat - Italy


Polinovel Customer: Rick Heinen

Application: Marine - Sailing Boat

Polinovell Batteries Used: 4 x HD12150 and 1 x 12V 60A Charger


We are excited to share our customer's success story about the battery upgrading to lithium.


Like many of our other customers, when deciding whether to switch to lithium batteries, he was positive about the advantages of lithium batteries, but at the same time somewhat confused about the price and choice of batteries.


We are happy to have been selected by Rick and receive his first inquiry email. After a few email communication, we understand his specific requirement and battery application info.:


Rick wishes to install a 12V 600Ah lithium battery to replace the lead-acid battery on the sailing boat. The battery has to be compatible with existing systems to store the energy generated by solar panels (maximum 25-30A output) and wind turbines (maximum 5-10A output) through Magnum 2000W Inverter, and then power its food blender (1600W 110Vac Blendtec Blender), smartphone, laptop during the sea traveling time.


Besides, there’s also a Honda 2000W portable generator as backup power, it will charge the battery in the meantime of power the loads so that to ensure there’s power available even happens to the cloudy or rainy day.


As his old batteries were installed in the engine room, there is not another area for the batteries, unless doing a major rewiring and carpentry job. This means the battery should be size suit to fit in the space and weight is light for convenient carrying.


After collating all the requirement details, we recommended Polinovel 4pcs of 12V 150Ah lithium battery to be connected in parallel to get a 12V 600Ah battery group for his system. The built-in 160A BMS allows batteries to be continuous output 160A current, which is enough to power 2000W inverter and the connected food blender, smartphone laptop.


The batteries have successfully installed on his sailing boat, he's excited to start a new journey from Italy.



How does Rick say to Polinovel battery?


"Hi Amy,

After 3 weeks I’m really happy to report the batteries are performing fantastic!

I just received an email from you which I will give to everyone interested, with your contact info.

I installed an insulated box around the batteries with a cooling fan bring cool air from outside.

I want to thank you again for being so helpful in getting this all arranged, hope it’s easier for you next time.

Take care,



Some Tips For Lithium Battery:


1. Lithium battery charge and discharge are protected by BMS (Battery Management System), choose suitable BMS is very important when selecting lithium battery.


2. Lithium battery allows to be series or parallel connected to increase the voltage or capacity, generally, a maximum of 4pcs or less is recommended, and the batteries should be manufactured in the same production from the same factory.


3. Before the series or parallel connection, the batteries should be individually charged to 100% full to ensure their voltage is at the same level.


4. There is no acid inside of lifepo4 battery, and the small amount of liquid electrolyte is contained and sealed within the cell, the lithium battery can be installed in horizontal or other position.


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