Polinovel’s Various Product Series Introduction


Polinovel lithium battery is versatile and suitable for many deep cycle applications. All of our lithium batteries perform better than conventional lead-acid batteries in RV, Marine, Solar Storage, Light Electric Vehicle, etc applications. They all offer more usable energy in light-weight, safe, reliable and maintenance-free. Our battery products include 12V, 24V and 48V LiFePO4 batteries packaged in plastic or iron case, we also have some special battery series designed for specific applications.


In this blog, we will introduce the features of each product series.


ARCTIC Series Low-Temperature Battery


The ARCTIC Series was designed to solve the problem of charging in low-temperature weather, while also assuring lithium batteries perform outstandingly for cold weather use. Polinovel ARCTIC Series batteries can safely charge at low temperature -35℃ (-31℉). The battery features patented self-heating technology internal, which draws power from the charger itself, and do not need to install additional heating components external. Simply plug the battery into lithium charger the same as you use others, the heating system will take care of the rest. Besides, it has the same advantages as other lithium batteries, like more usable capacity, longer life, lighter weight and maintenance-free, etc.


The ARCTIC Series lithium batteries are perfect for applications where charging in low temperature below 0℃ is needed. They are also ideal replacing batteries for those using lead-acid batteries in cold weather. Also, we welcome customize battery specifications for the specific application.

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HT Series Smart Bluetooth Lithium Battery


Our HT Series is derivate from HD Series lithium batteries, they share the same strong structure advantages while equipping with advanced Bluetooth communication technology. Through Polinovel 2.0 APP (it’s free to download from Google Play or APP Store), you can get instant access to monitor battery status including battery state of charge (SOC), voltage, capacity, charging discharge current, cycle times, temperature and single-cell status. Besides, with APP, it is also convenient to localize potential issues of the battery from a smartphone or tablet.

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HDN Series Standard Lithium Battery With SOC


Our HDN Series are embedded with an LCD screen and USB output port on top of the battery. The LCD screen displays real-time voltage and SOC of battery, and the USB port can quick output power to charge your phone or other electronics before out of power. Except for common 12V lithium batteries, the HDN Series also have 24V models available.

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NOVEL Series


The NOVEL Series goes with the advanced technology of Bluetooth communication. Through Android or IOS APP, you are free to check the battery working status on a smartphone or tablet, the data including battery voltage, capacity, SOC, charging-discharging current, cycle times and temperature. With these data, you are more convenient to plan the travel mileage reasonably, without worry about not able to reach the destination or return due to insufficient power.

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HD Series Superior Structure Lithium Battery


The HD Series is our top-rated lifepo4 batteries, covering the most often used sizes of traditional lead-acid batteries from 50Ah to 300Ah.

Battery internal utilize patented screw-fasten assembly technology and the highest quality components that make our lithium batteries are different from others. The robust construction proves to be more durable and superior for using in even harsh environment. These batteries are highly recognized by customers in the application of RV, motorhome, caravan, boat, yacht, catamaran, commercial vehicles, etc.

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V+ Series Wall Mounted Home Battery


Our V+ Series are wall-mounted batteries specifically designed to store energy generated by solar at day, so you can use the power at night or during an outage. The V+ Series made up with the most stable LiFePO4 chemistry, configuring intelligent battery management system (BMS) internal and dual-switch protection external, that are utmost safe for install and operate in house.

The V+ series of lithium batteries also support up to 10pcs in parallel to increase available capacity for longer run time, they are compatible with most brands of smart solar inverters on the market, and ideal for home solar systems.

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ES Series Customize Lithium Battery


Our ES Series are larger batteries with more power in a single case, they allow for higher peak and higher continuous discharge currents compare to our other series standard lithium batteries. This is ideal if you need more energy but you do not want to increase the battery quantity in a series-parallel connection because of the physical size constraint.

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LEV Series Customize Lithium Battery


Our LEV Series are iron case packaged lithium batteries specifically for light electric vehicle applications, like golf cart, low-speed electric car, sightseeing car, city sweeper, AGV rail car, etc. These batteries can be flexibly customizing in voltage, capacity, work current, size, connectors and other accessories to perfectly fit with the specific vehicles.

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Polinovel offer a wide range of lithium batteries for any application, from the small battery pack to a complex battery system. We also offer customize lithium battery service to fulfill the requirement of specific applications. Check out our full line of products or contact us for a battery solution.